Thursday, July 30, 2015

Table of Contents

Some of these stories read smooth and easy;others dig and wander; some question and descend, deepening the revelation, mushing metaphors, leaving magic; there are openings, unexpected windows and forgotten memories; some are incomplete, messy stuff; and then the joyful everyday making of cinnamon-rich apple pie, and the smells of a good chicken soup topped with chopped green onions. In the order in which I wrote them as blogs, or in installations ... Gathered Magic.

Sam and Sally

Woodcrafting The Tale

Cracked Bowls

Camelia and Friends

Moon Tattoo Stories and Splinters

The Safety Pin Cafe
Pale Wawae, aka. Joy Weed is introduced to the magic and the destiny of life from a small cafe run by a Silver-haired Raven and a tiny Fairy. Ancestry takes on a broad definition, and the medicine in the common pin brings remedy to symptoms felt in the body, but more deeply born from forgetting.

The Joy Weed Journal
The second medicine story follows the personal journal of The Joy Weed. The issues of identity and names are central to this episode. Personal Gods, and their responsibilities play out. Conception, birthing and the weaving of genealogy filled with human and feathered ancestry pin more meaning to life for a Border Witch.

Mend, Meddle, Muddle, Magic
The third in a series of Pale stories introduces other characters in the mythic town of Salish in the Pacific Northwest (America). The children of Pale and the Silver-haired Raven grow up; elders and adults who have attachments to Salish return. The four part title lights up what happens next.

Pale in Purple
The fourth in a series of Pale stories concluded a version of myth that just kept coming.

Ariel and I

The Three Sisters

Shine's Sign Song

Spider Season

Pine Needle Dancers

Nine is for Endings

A Native Fern 

Beatrix Blunt

Feed the Land

Just Here to There

Banana Skin and Ginger (unfolding NOW, January, 2017)


My friend, Alice Moon, was a gatherer and giver. She gathered people, made room for celebrating and spread the magic around. Alice said, It is our presence, not our perfection, that makes the Magic happen. In the spirit of Alice, and with the encouragement of another dear friend, and long-time loyal reader Joan Tucker I gather the magic here so as 'not to spit in the eye of my talent.' These two women are Taurus, the Bulls in my life who help me reach for my Moon's North Node, content with my personal currency as writer. Along with these two Bulls is my husband, Pete Little, an Ox in the eyes of my Chinese Ancestors. He has inspired many characters in the medicine stories, mending and meddling and teaching me to loosen my grip on life, to allow for the unexpected. Thank you, thank you, thank you.